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 jack spark

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jack spark

Male Number of posts : 3
Age : 28
Alignment : X-men
Mutant Power : stroms power
Married/Dating : no one
Registration date : 2008-06-15

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PostSubject: jack spark   jack spark Icon_minitimeSun Jun 15, 2008 11:19 pm

Full Name: jack spark

Mutant Class:lev 1

Mutant Power:strorms power


Codename: spark

Gender: male

Age: 13

Appearance:he is avrige size for his age,whight hair and eyes....just completly whight,whitch he hides with sunglasses,he would whee an old T-shirt (normaly with some sort of coment to offend people) and sweat pants

Alignment: bad

Personality: hes nice most of the just dont know what hes up to

History: liveing on the street most of his life he was just a normal kid...untill he turned 3 and his powers where starting to unleash themselfs all of a suden,he became a regular kid to the walking nashinal disater of NY,ihe would normal stand at the front of someones home and a few days later the house would be distroyed,it was untill he found the X-men he was just,a disaster

RP sample: (when i was 10)
~walks along the long road near his home then stoping sundenly,looking at the old home of a school bully that has been pestering him sence he was 5 and started school~
pay back time....
~i take off my scooby doo sunglasses and stare at the house agian~
~in doing this a huge strom brues over the house covering it with a fog and wiping winds~
~as the strom fades i am gone,and the boy is dead in his bed~
(a few days later)
man: it was him! that disater of a muntent can not live any longer!
me:~is hideing in my room~
my parents: ~are fighting the men~
men:~are wining to get to me,distroying the house as they go~
me:~my i take off my glasses agian and a strom forms around the house,disdtroying it in minutes~
(3 years later)
~i'm whereing my dark sunglasses and siting on a bus to nowhere~
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jack spark
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